There’s a nice selection of temporarily free apps, games, icon packs and live wallpapers in the Google Play Store this Thursday – take a look. Today we’re covering the Google Messages camera issues, the Google Assistant rollout for Wear OS 3, and the new web search design. Also check out the Android screenshot trick if you’re interested.

Because Google does not have an explicit overview of discounted or even temporarily free apps in the Play Store, you usually only find them by accident or only when it is too late. For this reason, we regularly list such promotions, which might be quite interesting for one or the other. We limit ourselves to apps that fulfill the following requirements:

  • The app is free at the time of release
  • The app is normally paid
  • The app is rated with at least 3 stars

Google Web Search: New navigation is being tested – search types are moving back to a sidebar
Google Messages: Messenger forgets the camera – bug makes users’ smartphones run hot
Smartphones: users return to Samsung and Apple – Chinese manufacturers in decline (Q1 2022


Stadia: Google brings Windows games to the platform – but why actually no Android games?
Stadia: Google finally opens the store to all users – browse and test soon even without a Google account

Icon Packs (Icon Pack Mixer)
Live Wallpaper

” Here you can download all pixel wall


Many other promotions in the Google Play Store
Free e-scooters instead of home office: This is how Google wants to motivate its employees to return to work

Missed the offer? Not so bad!

Since the promotional prices are usually only valid for a very short period of time, it is of course possible that the price will quickly rise again. If you’ve missed out on a promotion, it usually won’t come around again so quickly. Therefore: Be quick and download apps with foresight. Download an app that is currently available for free once, and it will remain permanently saved in your account. At a later time, even though it is paid for at that time, it can be downloaded again completely free and used completely.

Earn Google Play credit

And if you still couldn’t save the 1.99 Euros (or however much), you still don’t have to dig into your pocket: With the Google Survey app you can quickly and easily earn Google Play credit. You can earn around 10 Euros per month, which can be spent within a year before they expire again.

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